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Tmt. Rashmi siddharth zagade, I.A.S., District Collector

District At a Glance


District: Chennai
HeadQuarters: Chennai
State: TamilNadu


Total: 426 Sq.Kms


Total: 67,48,026
Male: 33,31,478
Female: 34,14,827
Transgender: 1,721

About District

Chennai is the capital city of Tamilnadu State.  It is one of the metropolis of India and serves as the gateway of  the  culture  of South India. In spite of being the  capital  of  a  Tamil speaking  State,  it has emerged as a cosmopolitan city playing  an  important role  in  the  historical, cultural and  intellectual  development  of  India, representing  still the distinct components of the highest form  of  Dravidian civilisation.  In addition, it holds out an interesting fair of  South Indian architecture, music, dance, drama, sculpture and other arts and crafts

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